Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kepler Track

Day 1, Control Gates - Browns Bay.

Easy 1:30hrs walk.

Visita inesperada de um posson(um ratinho apareceu, tb).

Day 2, Brown Bay - Luxmore Hut.

Above the tree line.

Luxmore hut bunkroom.

Lentilhas para o jantar(viva o DOC! Olhem a cozinha).

Day 3, alpine section(!), Luxmore Hut - Iris Burn.

Wake up!

On the way to Mount Luxmore.


Back on the track.

Kea(um papagaio 4x4).

Mountain Chat.

Greatest bathroom view ever!

Lake Te Anau(south fiord) down there.

The track and Mt. Luxmore at the background(really at the back).

Host of Iris Burn Sandflys.

Day 4(01/01/2007), Iris Burn - ? Hut.

Humm, whater...

Here we took the first bath of the year(it was nice and cold).

Lake Manapouri(?).

With a japanese friend(65), himalaian pioneer!

Steping out the track.

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Heloisa said...

Oi João,
Eu imagina que vc ia longe, mas não tão longe... nem tão alto assim.

Lindas fotos!